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Sunflower Sapience


Initial Consultation, 45m/free

Emotional Code Session, 45M/$75

Raquel Analakea

Emotion Coding is a non-intrusive systematic method of finding and releasing trapped emotions using muscle testing.

Hypnotherapy Primer, 90M/$150

Select this option if this will be our first time working in hypnosis together.

Hypnotherapy, 60M/$125

Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process between client and practitioner that uses hypnosis as a tool to empower you to transform your subconscious beliefs and behaviors. 

Emotional Coding+Hypnosis, 90M/$185

I specialize in helping you access the intelligence of your subconscious mind to achieve your goals and release negative emotional energies to optimize your overall natural state of wellness and abundance. I hold the values of honesty, integrity, authenticity, and love as my greatest tools to navigate my life and work. My skill sets were acquired through various mediums such as general curiosity, formal study, but also life experiences, challenges, and triumphs. I hold certifications as an Emotion Code Practitioner and a Hypnotherapist. While I warmly welcome any challenge, I specialize in Healing the Inner Child, Joyous Labor and Childbirth, Past Life Regression, Trauma and Grief Recovery, Insomnia and Sleep Disorders, Smoking Cessation, and Sports. I’m happy to answer any questions over a consultation call at no charge. I hope I get the opportunity to share this with you! 


*IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not practice medicine, claim to heal, or diagnose any illness or disease at any time. I will always recommend you visit your doctor with any questions you may have about your health and will require a referral if deemed appropriate.*

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