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- SHIRODHARA - 60 MIN - $105 / 45 MIN ADD ON -$85

A blissful therapy, Shirodhara is the pouring of oil on the Third Eye. The constant pour sends the nervous system into a deep meditation allowing to truly relax. Reduces stress, anxiety, depression and enhances the overall feelings of happiness.

*Traditionally not recommended during summer months (increase of Pitta). 

- MARMA  MASSAGE - 90 MIN - $110

A gentle massage consisting of the manipulation of the 107 energy points in the body to harmonize, stimulate and balance the mind & body.


A Basti is  Oil Pooling for Pain. A dam of dough is built on the body  and filled with warm medicated oil, increasing circulation to the affected area. Nourishes & strengthens the muscles & nerves.

      - KATI BASTI (low back) - 30 MIN -  $55

      - PRUSTA BASTI (along the spine) - 40 MIN - $60

      - NETRA BASTI (eye) - 40 MIN - $60

      - NABHI BASTI (stomach)  - 40 MIN - $55

      - JANU BASTI (knee) - 40 MIN -$60

-KARNA PURANA - 30 MIN - $45

The practice of oiling the ear.  The ear is filled with warm sunflower oil and massaged. Helpful in treating Tinnitus, frequent ear infections and can improve hearing quality.

-NASYA - 30 MIN - $45

The practice of oiling the nostrils, helpful in treating sinus issues and allergies. First the face is massaged with warm Ayurvedic Herbal Infused oil, then Medicated Oil is applied to the nostrils. 





- 30 MIN - $40

- 60 MIN - $70

- 90 MIN - $100

- 120 MIN - $130


This is a therapeutic style of massage combining compression technique, gentle stretching, breathing and meditation to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation. 

*This is massage is performed fully clothed, please wear clothing that will allow for stretching.


Warm sunflower oil is drizzled onto the scalp and massaged.

-FOOT REFLEXOLOGY - 30 MIN - $45/ 60 MIN -$75

A cleansing peppermint scrub to the feet and followed with massage on the reflex points of the feet.


30 MIN - $40 / 60 MIN - $70

The lymphatic system is an important part of the immune system. This gentle therapy helps to manually move lymphatic fluid.  


30 MIN - $40 / 60 MIN - $70

A form of bodywork that address the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum. The goal is to release compression in those areas which alleviates stress and pain.

*This treatment is performed fully clothed, please wear comfortable clothing.


90 MIN - $100

(Must have received a 60 min CST to move on to Level 2.)


Holly Kirk

Founder, LMT, Ayurvedic Bodyworker, and CST Facilitator

Holly Kirk, Licensed Massage Therapist and Ayurveda Treatment Specialist. Holly earned her Bachelor of Education degree in Special Education from Northeastern University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and worked in that field for several years before turning to a career in massage therapy. Holly is the sole owner of The Skin Spa & Boutique, a day spa that opened its doors in 2015 in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. She is also the primary owner of Kamama Skin Care, a line of natural handcrafted skin care. Holly, a licensed massage therapist, received her massage therapy education at the Massage Therapy Institute of Oklahoma in Tulsa, where she studied Sports, Prenatal and Medical Massage. After graduating, Holly provided massage therapy treatments in clinics with a sports massage team and managed a variety of spas. In 2009, Holly began developing and directing spa services at

The Canebrake Resort & Spa. 

Practicing Massage Therapist since 1998
Member of American Massage Therapy Association 

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